Dave & Amy Chung
Your "Digital-First" Real Estate Brokers

Over 90% of today’s homebuyers use the internet to search for home, and 43% of homebuyers found the home they eventually purchased online. It’s clear that the Internet is the primary source for information about homes on the market today.

Yet many realtors still abide by the three “P’s”:

  • Put up a sign
  • Put it in the MLS
  • Pray that it sells

That strategy may have worked in 2005, but in today's market it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the hundreds of other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

A “digital-first” strategy is centered on creating the digital assets for your home first. Once those assets are established, all other platforms can be fed from that core content. Think about it - even your local newspaper likely publishes articles online before they are sent to the printer and delivered to your doorstep. By embracing a digital-first strategy for selling your home, you can be sure to reach homebuyers on the platform they favor the most while still delivering content to the legacy platforms like print.

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